The 8th National Assembly, Separation of Power and the Senate Rule

The Senate Rule Book

sarekw_editedAs usual, when it comes to the political landscape of Nigeria, using the unprecedented events have become Section 364 of the Penal Code a phenomenon.

The approach has been totally different in this new era where we have seen, accounts of sitting governor frozen, the Senate president arraigned for false asset declaration and now the arraignment of the Key members of the 8th senate for forgery. The senate president, the deputy senate president and the clerk of the senate.

As someone that believes so much in democracy, I will start by this piece by explaining my prejudice towards the Accused members of the senate. I am not a journalist - I am just a commentator but bear with me and my potentially flawed analogy on my prejudice and you can decide  what you think.

Forgery is criminalised in by Section 364 of the Penal Code  the Penal Code  of Nigeria. If we do not appreciate the severity of what has been suggested to have happened here. Forgery is a when you misrepresent a statement of fact so a victim is caused to alter his position or act in a way he would have if you have not made him believe the otherwise misrepresentation  is genuine.

Imagine yourself a hardworking person, who has worked for nearly 35 years contributed towards your pension, in fact, you have been picking holiday destinations after your retirement. One overzealous investment banker who works with your Pension fund company unscrupulously forges documents so he can authorise transactions he is not allowed to . Consequently, he could lose your life savings and leave you with nothing because he is inexperienced. On the other hand, he could even gain more because he is so good at it or very lucky in which case he will not be scared to do it again until he misses and lose even more. The baseline is, you have not given your money to someone inexperienced, the company has not authorised the banker to commit to such transaction but the effect of his actions will leave a lasting effect on you.

Another example, a doctor.




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